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Compliance Validation – Automatic Tank Gauge Certification

Our technicians hold Veeder-Root ™ certification up to level four. They are certified to test electronic leak detectors and automatic tank gauge systems.

Monthly Visual Inspections – Compliance Management

From monthly visual inspections to comphrehensive account management, Discovery will keep your tank location in compliance.  All USTs and ASTs must have all system components (sumps, dispensers, fills, sensors) inspected monthly per FL DEP regulations.

Discovery can inspect your tank system, provide the proper reports and notify you of any issues on a monthly basis in addition to offering data storage for your convenience.

Breach of Integrity Testing

The FL DEP requires all Category C tanks (those installed since 1998) that do not have continuous monitoring (brine, vacuum) or that are not fully buried in water to have breach testing within 5 years following installation and every 5 years thereafter.

Discovery has become the leaders in breach testing tanks. By communicating with the various tank manufacturer’s,  we have been able to follow the specifications for testing the secondary spaces of USTs which is necessary for doing a proper test.

Precision Underground Tank Testing

We use a computerized, volumetric, underfill system or a non-volumetric system, depending upon the existing water table. Patented technology is used to test the liquid portion of a tank as empty as 30% of capacity.

We can test up to six tanks simultaneously ranging in size from 100 to 20,000 gallons. Average site test time is only four hours.

We also utilize vacuum interstitial testing in accordance with tank manufacture specifications. Our technicians are trained to test all kinds of interstitial spaces using the latest equipment and techniques.

Hydrostatic Line and Leak Detector Testing

We utilize hydrostatic product line testing. Our product line test unit will hold consistent pressures up to 90 psi as long as necessary to complete a product line test with a high degree of accuracy.

All technicians have completed Vaporless Manufacturing ™, Red Jacket ™ and FE Petro ™ technical certification training.

We test all types of mechanical and electronic leak detectors at 3.0 gph. All Discovery technicians are qualified to test electronic leak detectors.

Overspill Bucket Testing and Other Sump Testing

Discovery is able to test overspill buckets hydrostatically or using a vacuum test depending on whether the bucket is single wall or double wall. We have the proper test adapter and gauges to test PEMCO, OPW and Emco Wheaton buckets.

We are also able to test submersible turbine pump sumps and dispensers pans.  Although the standard is a 3 hour field test, we typically will test for a 24 hour period in order to be most thorough.

Helium Pinpoint Testing

In the event that an underground tank or product line fails a precision test, Helium Pinpoint technology can be utilized to more precisely locate where the problem exists.

The time needed to find and repair a leak can be greatly reduced, and the size of the excavation can be minimized, by using a Helium Pinpoint test.

Stage II Testing

Discovery was a pioneer in Stage II testing technology, performing its first test in 1991. The experience we have gained over the years is invaluable in South Florida and other non-attainment areas.

Our knowledge and efficiency are second to none. We perform every type of Stage II system test including the latest, computerized liquid-to-vapor nozzle testing. More information about Stage II testing is available at http://www.arb.ca.gov/capcoa/roster.htm

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